Up and Coming EDM Artists, Erin and Avior

Erin (left) and Avior (right) posing for a signature picture after discussing what EDM means to them (Photo by: Colby Ann/ TU Student). 

Erin and Avior are two young people making their way into the music world. More specifically, the world of EDM, Electronic Dance Music. Both have been DJing for at least a year and are furthering their practice in producing music. They hope their music and talent will take them places, allow them to travel and perform at a large-scale. 

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Creating the Mood with EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

Avior Z. (left) and Erin S. (right) listening to their decks (music) planning when to switch tracks to produce new music/ sounds. (Photo by: Colby Ann/ TU Student).

Music is a universal mechanism that can dictate the way one feels but also is an outlet to listen to certain genres when in a particular mood. Erin Shea, Towson University student’s mood is at its high point when DJing, producing EDM (Electronic Dance Music) or even when at an EDM concert/ event.

“It’s a lot of positive energy,” said Shea. “I’m never happier than when I’m at an EDM show.”

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Getting Involved with Brandy Hall

Brandy Hall discussing the fun and importance of students getting involved at Towson University and any campus. (Photo by: Colby Ann Russell/ TU Student). 

Brandy Hall discusses how to get involved on campus but also how important it is to get involved. Joining the right clubs and organizations that fits one’s interests will allow them to grow as well as have a better experience.

Get Away With More: Effective Packing

FullSizeRender (3)
Packing effectively involves wrapping of clothes around the core such as the gray tshirt in the middle. There are rolled shirts and socks on the left side, another way to conserve space when packing. (Photo By: Colby Ann/ TU Student).

Feeling the sun in your face, sand between your toes, and condensation from you ice beverage sitting on the beach during vacation is a relaxing feeling, but what about the hassle it took to get there.

Packing for vacation is the most dreadful part. It is no simple task, lots of time, energy and thought goes into packing, much like an art or science. Yes, packing is comparable to a fine art, making all items fit perfectly and neatly.

“The technique I use, folding clothes inside of each other then placing my clothes vertically in my suitcase opposed to stacked on top of each other, really creates a lot of room allowing me to fit all my clothes and toiletries neatly,” said Allie Ruddy, Towson University Senior who has traveled abroad multiple times. “I always would get very nervous my suitcase would be over weight or not close correctly, but with the folding method I really don’t have those fears much any more, everything is really consolidated.”

There are different methods to packing ones clothes in a suitcase or carry on bag in a tidy, space- conserving way and with summer right around the corner, now is the time to brush up on ones packing skills. Continue reading Get Away With More: Effective Packing

Local Job Opportunities for Towson University Students

Students approach tables to talk to potential employers about internship, job and career opportunities. (Photo by: Colby Ann Russell/ TU Student)

Not only does the Career Center at Towson University provide jobs for students, but also assists students in resume building and finding a career that fits and applying for that position. Continue reading Local Job Opportunities for Towson University Students

David Peake the Pilot- Flying Drones

David is flying his drone at a local high school, looking back and forth at the drone he is flying and his control system. (Photo by: Colby Ann/ TU Student).

David Peake speaks of his personal experience of flying drones not only as a hobby but for his profession. He gives insight on the “spark” of his interest in flying in general then flying drones.

Activist, Performance Artist performs at Towson University

MCOM 257-001 Event Speech Story Pic SPRING 2017
An audience of about 150 people await performance artist Guillermo Gómez-Peña to take stage. Before the performance started, Gómez-Peña’s wife stood on stage selling books, tshirts, etc. (Photo by: Colby Ann Russell/ TU Student).

An audience of about 150 people attended an activist, storyteller performance who discussed disputable topics of the ‘American life’ and current societal issues on Towson University’s campus February 23. Continue reading Activist, Performance Artist performs at Towson University