Creating the Mood with EDM (Electronic Dance Music)

Avior Z. (left) and Erin S. (right) listening to their decks (music) planning when to switch tracks to produce new music/ sounds. (Photo by: Colby Ann/ TU Student).

Music is a universal mechanism that can dictate the way one feels but also is an outlet to listen to certain genres when in a particular mood. Erin Shea, Towson University student’s mood is at its high point when DJing, producing EDM (Electronic Dance Music) or even when at an EDM concert/ event.

“It’s a lot of positive energy,” said Shea. “I’m never happier than when I’m at an EDM show.”

For listeners, it is about the desire to match the music you’re hearing to your mood. For producers, it is about creating the mood for your listeners. “It’s all about finding what your mood is,” said Avior Zynda, who enjoys DJing and producing music as well. “And what you’re feeling.” “(It’s all about finding) what your sound is,” adds Erin.

“So we both produce music and dj,” said Erin Shea, Towson University Student referring to herself and Avior Zynda.

Erin and Avior are both pursing DJing and the production of music. Although not full time and initially started because of a fun hobby, both plan to continue on the adventure of DJing and hope to even travel to perform.

“One of my friends from college introduced me to EDM (electronic dance music),” said Zynda. “I didn’t really think anything of it and then didn’t really wanna do anything I didn’t love doing and I had most fun at these like shows and festivals I went to. So, I thought why not get paid to do it and survive that way.”

Avior, who is out of college, has been DJing and doing production for a little over a year where Erin has been DJing since about her senior year of high school, roughly three years. Although, Avior has somewhat more free time to spin more often and practice producing the music.

One element Erin and Avior have both been working on when DJing would be transitions. “You have to know your decks (music) to be able to match them up and switch tracks at the perfect time,” said Shea. “Something to look for is to see if the BPM (beats per minute) are matching, this is when you switch tracks.”

Erin has started to perform at a small scale, beginning with DJing at local bars such as BLounge and Rec Room. “The first time I was mad nervous,” said Shea. “But the second you see people start vibing to what you’re playing you just want them to keep dancing.”

Many “show-goers” report that they are there to hear the music, but it is also for the environment and community.

“Going to a festival or show, even if it’s local, is kind of like going on a mini-vacation,” said Alicia DePasquale, Towson University Freshman. “Planning the group I’m going to the show with in combination of what “rave gear” I’m going to wear and most importantly the show itself all combine for an experience like no other. It’s cool that Erin and Avior are taking their interaction with EDM a step beyond seeing shows to hopefully performing on their own.”

When asked where they both want music to take them and what festivals they want their music to take them to, “I’d play at any festival,” said Erin. “A lot of foreign places,” said Avior. “I want to go to Italy.”

Music and sound is universal, being that anywhere you are music can direct your mood or one can use music to fuel their existing mood. Whether DJing here in Towson or across the world, Erin and Avior are ready to set the mood for their audience.


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