Local Job Opportunities for Towson University Students

Students approach tables to talk to potential employers about internship, job and career opportunities. (Photo by: Colby Ann Russell/ TU Student)

Not only does the Career Center at Towson University provide jobs for students, but also assists students in resume building and finding a career that fits and applying for that position.

“We come to talk about our services and the fact that we do meet with students to help them with finding and applying to jobs, internships,” said Emily Tipton Career Advisor and Internship Coordinator at Towson University’s Career Center. “We are recruiting for a few different positions in our office for the Fall (2018 semester). We have part time jobs but then we also have stuff really targeted towards the Mass Communications students.”

The Towson University Career Center as well as over 10 more local companies including SECU Bank, GL Magazine, Favorite Local Stations (Fox 45, The CW Baltimore) tabled at Towson University Wednesday at a Networking Fair for students looking for internships, jobs, and careers.

“The environment was good,” said Julia Schuster, sophomore at Towson University. “I liked the set up of the fair and that it was small. It wasn’t too over whelming and I felt very comfortable there.”

Public Relations Student Society of America planned and coordinated the event on behalf of the Mass Communications and Communications Studies Department at Towson University.

There were positions mostly geared towards public relations as well as marketing and advertising.


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