Journalists Using Snapchat–“sachor jetzt!”

Journalists have turned to Snapchat to reach their audience told in an article from Deutsche Welle by Felix Schlagwein. In order to remember and prevent the reoccurrence of the Holocaust or genocide, a group of German journalists had created a Snapchat,”sachor jetzt!”, recapping horrific events happened during the Holocaust.

Soon-to-be journalists at Axel Springer Academy in Berlin had the idea to retell the story of the Holocaust after meeting a survivor, one who said it is up to our generations to make sure people do not forget about the experiences of those in the Holocaust. The journalists took videos and photos to relay their messages over Snapchat.

A journalist for “The New York Times” Andrew Lehren said having a presence on Snapchat is a new, innovative platform to utilize to reach new audiences and tell an important story.

I completely agree with Andrew Lehren and the project these journalists have started. It is reacher the younger generations, the ones who need to be made aware of the events. Although, like every journalists, they need to be mindful of the information being posted, and be selective. It is important to keep concepts and the process of “writing” or “posting”.


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